An Android tablet at less than $40? Yes, you read that right (40ドルを切るアンドロイド・タブレット?そう、間違いじゃない。)

Over the years, you’ve probably seen quite a few bargains online or at your local carrier. Remember the great $99 TouchPadfiresale? Well, here is an Android tablet that sells for much less than $100, one that is surprisingly good for its declared purpose.


The story will take us to India, a country where hi-tech gadgets are becoming ever so popular, even though hundreds of millions of people have little experience (if any) in using them. That is exactly the problem that the Indian Ministry of Education is trying to tackle. The plan is to introduce Android tablets to schools in rural areas that lack access to modern technology.


Namely, the Indian government will buy a total of 100,000 tablets at a cost of 2,250 rupees (about $44) each. The tablets will be sold to local schools at the price of 1,100 rupees per tablet, which is about $22. According to a report from Wall Street Journal, some tablets will be reserved for students who wish to buy them, and they will cost around $35. The tablets will also be available at local retail outlets, for all others who are interested, where they will cost around $60.


— インド政府が強力にプッシュしている政策であることが伺える。でも製造者側もまさか赤字で販売するわけではなかろうから、44ドルの売値でコストをカバーできるのかどうかが疑問だ。その答えは以下にある。

Are the $44 Android Tablets any Good? (44ドルのアンドロイドタブレットは使えるのか)

Aakash (Source: Androidauthority)

Perhaps, by the standards of many of us, the $44 Aakashtablets distributed by the Indian government are nothing special. But when you consider the price and the purpose of the tablets, these slates are definitely impressive.


By now, you are probably wondering about the specs that these tablets have to offer. Well, we will answer the question for you:


  • Processor:Conexant A8, 700MHz
  • RAM:256MB
  • Storage:2GB, but expandable to 32GB
  • Display:7-inch  resistive touch screen with 800×400 resolution
  • Connectivity:Wi-Fi, GPRS modem
  • Battery:Up to 180 minutes (3200 mAh)
  • Operating system:Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Other features: 2 USB ports, 3.5mm jack for audio, HD video playback and streaming
  • プロセッサ:Conexant A8、700MHz
  • RAM: 256MB
  • ストレージ:2GB(32GBまで拡張可)
  • ディスプレイ:7インチ圧力感知型タッチスクリーン。解像度800×400
  • 接続:Wi-Fi、GPRSモデム
  • バッテリ:最大180分(3200mAh)
  • OS:Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • その他の機能:USBポートx2、3.5mmオーディオジャック、HDビデオプレイバック・ストリーミング

これはAakash Ubislate 7+モデルのスペック(UKのDataWireによるもの)だが、廉価版はもうちょっと遅いプロセッサと、より少量のバッテリを搭載する。

Here’s a video of the Aakash tablet in action:


Doesn’t look that bad, right? After all, a device designed for educational use doesn’t require fancy graphics or large amounts of memory to serve its purpose! Moreover, students would still be able to keep in touch via social media, play some games, and, enjoy the whole tablet experience. On the downside, the battery is very poor (which may be a problem in areas with rolling blackouts) and the resistive screen leaves room for improvement.


But is this just a start. We can expect better specs and a beefier battery in future version of the Aakash. And really, can you find anything better out there for such a low price?


— 弊社の社員で怪しいアンドロイド・タブレットを持っている者がいる。私はそのタブレットをcPadと呼んでいたが、良く考えたら(良く考えなくとも)iOSではないので、cPadは不適切だ。今はチューカロイド(中華ロイド)と呼んでいる。この記事に出ているのはインドロイドだ。確かにちょっと動作はもっちゃりしているし、タッチパッドの反応もイマイチにように見える。だが、40ドルやそこらで買える教育用なら十分だ。驚嘆に値する。