Khan AcademyのiPadアプリは次世代の教育システムだ

世の中にeラーニングのサービスは数々あれど、Khan Academyの充実度はなかなかすごい。そのKhan AcademyのiPadアプリが提供されることになった。


Khan Academy Enters Next Era With iPad App(Khan AcademyはiPadアプリで次世代に突入)

Khan Academy, the wildly popular YouTube lecture series, is slated to launch its iPad app any minute now in Apple’s store. The enhanced version of Khan Academy will include time-syncing between devices–no Internet connection required–an interactive transcript of the lectures for easy searching, and a handy scrubber for moving between parts of the lectures. Perhaps more importantly, now that more schoolshave begun adopting Khan’s lectures for their own classrooms, the free iPad app could possibly replace or supplement textbooks, saving cash-strapped schools and students a lot of money.

YouTubeのレクチャーシリーズで幅広く知られているKhan Academyは、アップルストアでまもなくiPadアプリを提供開始するとのこと。Khan Academyの強化されたバージョンはデバイス間の時間同期、インターネット接続不要、レクチャーのインタラクティブスクリプトによる容易な検索、レクチャーの途中を行き来できるスクラバー機能など。おそらくもっと重要なのは、多くの学校がKhanのレクチャーを教室で使い始めており、無料のiPadアプリは教科書の代替ないしは補足になり、資金に乏しい学校や生徒にとって非常に大きな節約になる。

Khan Academy

The major benefit of the app is offline learning. “If you’re going on a road trip or if you’re taking mass transit and you don’t have cell service, or whatever, you can get the content,” says Khan Academy Lead Designer Jason Rosoff. The iPad frees Khan Academy from the constraints of a laptop and Internet connection. Rosoff says the app will remember where users left off viewing and sync progress between devices (though, for the initial version, both devices will need to connect to the Internet before going offline to sync).

アプリの最も大きな利点はオフライン学習だ。「移動中や公共機関に乗っていて、キャリアサービスに入っていなくても、コンテンツを見ることができる」とKhan Academyのリードデザイナー、Jason Rosoff氏は述べている。iPadによりKhan Academyを利用するのに、ラップトップやインターネットコネクションが不要になる。Rosoff氏によれば、アプリは、見るのを止めた場所を覚えており、デバイス間で進捗を同期させることができるとしている(しかし初期版では、同期するためには、オフラインになる前にインターネットに接続する必要があった)。

Second, with inspiration from TED, Khan lectures will now have an interactive time-stamped transcript, which is a convenient search function, considering some of the lectures can be quite long.


Last, just like a textbook, users flip back and forth between different parts of the content. “People scrub a lot in our videos,” says Rosoff. The app will have an enhanced version video scrubber (the scroll bar at the bottom of a video) that makes repeating areas less painful.


For the growing number of schools that are adopting iPads, the most impactful potential for the app is for Khan Academy’s “flipped classroom,” in which lectures are watched at home by students, and then assignments are completed collaboratively in class, where a teacher is present. “The teacher is free to do a lot more of the human interaction,” says Shantanu Sinha, President and COO of Khan Academy.

iPadを採用する学校が増えているため、このアプリが最もインパクトがありそうなのが、「反転教室(Flipped classrom)」だ。これは生徒が家でレクチャーを見ておき、学校では、先生がいるところで協業して課題をこなすというものだ。「先生は生徒との接触により多くの時間を割くことができる」とKhan Academyの社長兼COO、Shantanu Shiha氏は言う。

Intrigued by the idea of the flipped classroom, a pilot program in the Los Altos school district in California has started using Khan’s online lectures for a substantial portion of the learning. Teachers use visualization software that could track student progress in the lectures, and they’ve discovered that some students were often mislabeled as “at-risk.”


“Very often, students who thought they were horrible in math, who were labeled bad in math by schools … in many cases, they were just struggling with a very specific topic,” Sinha says. “Without the ability to explore lectures at home, struggling students were left behind as teachers progressed through the lesson plan. But, when students could focus on problem areas at their own pace, they could overcome weaknesses and catch back up with the class.


The initial version of the iPad app won’t include the visualization tools and exercises necessary for a Khan Academy classroom, Rosoff says, but once the tools are part of the app, schools may adopt the Khan lecture series as a electronic textbook replacement. That’ll also give Khan more time to address early feedback about the tools in later app updates.

Rosoff氏によれば、アプリの初期版には、Khan Academy教室としてやっていくために必要な可視化ツールや練習問題などがなかったが、これらのツールがアプリの一部になれば、学校は、電子教科書の代替として、Khanレクチャーを採用するだろう。それにより、Khanは、ツールについての初期段階のフィードバックを今後のアプリのバージョンアップに活かす時間が得られるであろう。

— 日本人にとって、インタラクティブ型のスクリプトは非常にありがたいのではなかろうか。ビデオを聞き取れなくても、スクリプトを読めば、なんとかなるかもしれない。これらのコンテンツが日本語だったらなあ、と思わずにいられない。