Modisというサイトに、「11 Best Productivity Tools for IT Workers(ITワーカーのためのベストな生産性向上ツール11種類)」の記事の続き、3回目。これで最後です。


Sick of all the Firefox tools yet? We didn’t think so. This extension/web service lets you save your favorite bookmarks from your Firefox bookmark bar and then access the same bookmarks on any computer.


No more reprogramming your favorites again and again on multiple computers–just install Xmarks, log in, and bam. Your bookmarks are loaded, no matter what computer you’re working on. Xmarks improves your search function, too: it adds images or screen shots to your search results and rates search rankings based on other user’s ratings.


— ブックマークを共有できるのは便利だが、追加の検索機能はどうも動作しなかった。グーグルがまた検索ページを更新しているせいなのかな。



Faced with a large file you need to send–and fast? Even Gmail’s hefty space allowances don’t allow for over-sized files. Just upload any file up to eight GB and grab the resultant link. Email your link instead of your file.


Your coworker can visit LargeDocument and grab that pesky over-sized file. LargeDocument is free and doesn’t require any log-in information. Want to link LargeDocument directly to your Gmail? No problem: LargeDocument has a Gmail gadget so you’ll have direct access to the site’s services from your inbox.


— こんな感じのURLになるようだ。「http://www.largedocument.com/3/11f88c11/P1000008.JPG」 11f88c11がランダム化されているところ。このURLが分かってしまえば誰でもアクセスできるところがちょっと心配。一応、このURLに行けばファイルを消すことはできるようなので、いつまでもサーバに残っている、という状態は避けられるけど。やっぱりちょっとねえ。パブリックなファイルをやり取りするなら便利かも。

AutoHotkey and TextExpander


The concept for AutoHotkey is a IT professional’s delight: write your own scripts and give ‘em hotkeys. It’s perfect for quickly inserting commonly used texts or abbreviations. This one takes a little time to set up and get going, but once you make the initial time investment, it’s a real time-saver. This free open-source utility is only available for Windows. Mac users, you’ll have to grit your teeth and pay for the ever-popular TextExpander.


Pair Programming

Pair Programming

“Pair programming” is a technique that involves two programmers. One writes the code (the driver), the other checks it (the observer or navigator). The two programmers switch roles after a certain amount of time.


This technique can save tons of time, especially in regards to troubleshooting code and problem-solving. However, paired programming isn’t for everyone: IT folks tend to be solo types, and they often don’t play well with others.


If you’ve got an effective team, however, pair programming can produce more effective coding with less bugs than solo programming. Looking for that ultimate paired programming setup? This blog figured out a foolproof setup that still allows for privacy and plenty of workspace.


— 確かにペアプログラミングは効果的かつ効率的です。